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Fast and Reliable Same-Day Delivery for Professionals

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Time Sensitive?

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Our Services


Rush - 1 1/2 Hour Delivery

Rush delivery is available in most of Central Florida and is our fastest service. If you need your package delivered within a 1 1/2 hour window, this is the way to go.

Standard - 4 Hour Delivery

Standard delivery is great for when you need your package delivered in a little more time than Rush. We deliver it as quickly as possible while still providing you with the flexibility of scheduling when it will arrive.


Florida Same-Day Delivery

And if your business is located outside of Central Florida? We can still help! We offer same-day delivery from and to anywhere in Florida.

Routes: Scheduled Delivery

Our Scheduled Delivery Routes allow you to set up a weekly or daily route at a pre-determined price between offices or businesses. You can choose the number of deliveries you want, and when they are delivered—so you know your packages will get there reliably every time. 

Florida's Fastest Courier

We are the fastest Orlando-based courier service, period. We can get any package to its destination in a matter of hours—no matter how sensitive or how large it is.


If you're a law professional, we'll deliver your client's settlement offer; if you're an architect, we'll deliver your blueprints; if you're a graphic designer, we'll deliver your marketing materials; if you're an accountant, we'll deliver your tax documents—always on time!

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