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Medical Courier

Orbi Express US is the top supplier of same-day medical courier services to Florida's numerous healthcare facilities, offering vital medical supplies to keep up with their lab work and patient care. Our drivers, who are certified in OSHA and HIPAA policy and have STAT delivery experience, use the most direct and economical ways to finish their medical deliveries while treating your products with the utmost care. You can follow the progress of your packages as they travel to their destination thanks to real-time tracking and signature confirmation.

We are well aware of how crucial timely delivery of your medical supplies is. Budgets may collapse and patients may suffer as a result of a shortage. You and your patients may rest easy knowing that Orbi Express US will deliver your packages on time, every time because to our skilled drivers and the strength of our cutting-edge GPS technology.

When it comes to providing medical courier services to Florida's numerous hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and testing labs, Orbi Express US is the industry leader. Even more quickly than an hour after pickup, you can have your medical items delivered, guaranteeing that you have all you require that same day. When you want urgent medical supplies, Orbi Express is here to help!

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