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How to Place a Courier Order

May 11, 2022

Step 1: Call the office at 407-679-7636 to place the order over the phone

Step 2: Download the Waybill Slip from our website here.

Step 3: Fill it out with your information and have the form ready for pick-up.

Step 4: Wait for your courier to fill it out and sign it, then if needed, make a photocopy, or take a picture of the waybill for your records.

Reminder: You can find the Shipping label, Waybill, and Bill of Lading on our web portal using this link!

Step 5: Bookmark these links for easy access and done!

Please continue using the previous Thunderbird Express branded waybills until you run out.

Links to Bookmark:

Waybill Slip Download

Courier Web Portal

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